Getting Started

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE : Kixtag is currently undergoing a bit of a makeover from the old Kimtag platform. We expect that everything will be up and running properly by the middle of October 2017. Sorry for the delay. So many lines of code and so little time..


It takes just a few minutes to get your Kixtag up and running. You just register a free Kixtag which acts as the connection hub, then add your connections using our simple interface. We automatically create both web & mobile connection pages.

Step 1 : Choose a Kixtag

Your Kixtag is acts as your connection hub and you need to choose your address. It will be unique to you and stay with you so choose carefully. Your Kixtag needs to be 4-16 characters, no spaces. Just search on our registration page for anything you like, enter your email address for admin purposes (which won't be publicly visible) and off you go.

Step 2 : Add your connections

Use our simple interface to add one, all or any of your connections to your Kixtag then order them.

Step 3 : Get your QR Code, icons and addresses

Now simply share your Kixtag to share all of your connections. Use your Kixtag web link, icons, buttons or the QR code wherever you used to put that big list of all your connections.

That's it !

It's all free, easy to use, stats are included, and once you've got a Kixtag you'll wonder why you didn't have one before.