Kixtag Login

Login for Kimtag/Kixtag

IMPORTANT NOTE The Kimtag (now Kixtag) login will not be available until the 11th October 2017.

Starting from October 9th 2017 all Kimtag will be gradually rebranded Kixtag. All Kimtags and connections will be gradually moved across starting September 21, 2017. You may still be able to login during this period but please note that any changes made to your Kimtag after the 21st will not be transferred.

All previous tags will redirect through to the same under Many existing features on the current Kimtag platform which are free will become pay to use for new customers. However, existing Kimtag customers will continue to be able to use the vast majority of existing features for free. It is possible that some advanced features such as branches and scantip notifications will not be available immediately. It is the intention to roll these out as quickly as possible.

By making these changes, we hope that the tens of thousands of people that use Kimtag - and soon to be Kixtag - will continue to be able to use the service for many years to come.