Social Network QR Code

Using Kixtag to share social networks

With Apple including native QR Code scanning in the iPhone and Android likely to follow soon, sharing your social networks with a QR Code is fun, quick and easy. Kixtag is a connection hub and it's designed so that you can share all your social networks in one go. You register a Kixtag, add your social media connections and then download your QR Code. You can add, remove and change your social networks at any time without having to change your QR Code. It's very easy.

How do get a QR Code for Facebook

To create a QR Code for your Facebook social network account, you first need to register a Kixtag. Then you can use the 'add connections' on the edit Kixtag page to add your Facebook account to your Kixtag page.

Add Facebook for QR Code

You simplay include your Facebook username and the Kixtag system will do the rest. After you add your Facebook username, just click on the save link.

Add Facebook connection

Your facebook connection will appear top of your connections list. You can leave it like that or add additional connections if you want to. You can then re-order the list by clicking, holding on the title and dragging up and down.

Kixtag connections list

You can delete connections from the list by just clicking on remove or edit them by click edit.

Now, go to the menu and click on QR Codes, then 'Standard QR Codes'. You can download the QR Code for your Kixtag page here. Place it anywhere you want people to be able to connect to you. You can also download links, buttons and other widgets by following the menu Settings > Links.

How do get a QR Code for Twitter or Instagram

You follow exactly the same procedure as above to create a QR code for Twitter or Instagram. Instead of selecting a Facebook connection, you can select any other connection type. For example, to add a Twitter connection just click on the Twitter add connection. Edit your details as follows :

Add Twitter connection

After the connection has been added, you can download your QR Code and away you go.

Changing social networks

The benefit of using Kixtag rather than linking directly to your social network is that you can change it any time you like without updating your QR Code. If you are no longer a Facebook fan and you've moved to Instagram - no problem. Login to your Kixtag, remove or move your Facebook connection down and/or add or raise up your Instagram connection. Your QR code doens't need to be changed and your instantly updated. Nice.

Link a QR Code directly to a social network

There may be times when you would prefer to link your QR Code directly to your social network without showing your Kixtag connection page. Obviously, you need to choose just one social network but you can login to your Kixtag and update where your QR Code directs to at any time. We call this AutoConnect. To Autoconnect, you need to do two things. The first, is make sure that the connection you want to link to top of your connection list. You can drag the connections up and down by clicking and holding on the title.

AutoConnect your social network

Now, go into the settings and go to the menu option settings > AutoConnect. Click on 'Enable AutoConnect' to enable. Now, any visit to your Kixtag page will automatically redirect through to your first connection. Note that the connect must be one that can autoconnect. This will be a connection with 'dynamic' on the bottom right. Any other connections on your Kixtag will be ignored but will stay there so you can use them in the future.

Using a QR Code in print

The standard QR Code for download is a PNG file. This can be printed or used on the internet. However, some print companies will prefer that you supply an EPS, SVG or PDF file for your QR Code. You can download this at a small additional cost (we have to make money somehow!). Click on the 'QR code for print use' links within settings for more information.

You can also use the Kixtag system to create QR Codes in different colours and with 'rounded corners' for a softer look. We call these Designer QR codes and they are available at a small additional cost from the interface.

Tracking QR Code scans

Many people want to know how many people have scanned their social network QR Code. It's human nature. The standard QR Code that is available for download from the control panel links directly to your Kixtag page. For a small additional cost, it is possible to add stats tracking to your Kixtag page so you know how many hits. However, to track QR Code hits to your Kixtag separately from other visits, then you need a QR Code encoded with a special link which we call a vTag short code. A special vTag QR Code (and an additional vTag for NFC Tags) is included when you purchase stats for your Kixtag. You can then purchase additional vTags so that you can have multiple QR Codes and track them all individually. There's no need to purchase any of these things if you just want a simple QR Code to share your social networks. However, they are there if and when you may need them.