• 5 Connections
  • 500 Monthly Connects
  • Dynamic Redirect Option
  • Standard QR Codes





  • 25 Connections
  • 100,000 Monthly Connects
  • Remove Kixtag Logo (Optional)
  • Dynamic Redirect Option
  • QR Code Designer
  • View & Click Stats
  • Premium Kixtag Name
  • Multiple Users
  • Scan Tracking

Pricing Information

Our free plan is free to use for as long as you want it. Our Pro and Premium plans are available on annual subscriptions payable by Credit Card.

Our Pro and Premium plans are payable on an annual basis. Your plan will not automatically renew. You will get a reminder email to renew your Kixtag one month and one week before the end of your subscription. If you don't renew, your plan will automatically change to the free plan. If you have a Premium Kixtag name, your account will be put on hold for one month and then closed and the name released back for registration.

You can close any account at any time from within your control panel. If you are on a Pro or Premium plan, you can choose to close the account immediately or automatically at the end of your subscription period. Your Kixtag name will stay reserved for one month and then be released back for registration.

Dynamic Redirect allows you to automatically redirect your QR Code or NFC Tag directly through to one of your chosen connections (the top one). The Kixtag connection sharing page will not show. You can change your link at any time via your control panel.

Our free plan allows the download of both PNG and SVG QR codes ready for use in your online and offline material. Our Pro and Premium plans have a full featured Designer QR Code feature which allows enchanced designs, additional text, colour changes and more.

Three letter and some other Kixtag names are reserved. These can be registed with a Premium plan subscription and used with either the Premium or Pro plans.

Kixtag pages do not set cookies or store personal data tracking user hits. This means that we do not need to display any privacy messages which is vital for an effective connection hub system. However,it also means that statistics are very simple and limited. We think it's more important that people can connect with you easily.

Scan tracking allows you to create QR codes from your control panel that have unique encoding. This allows you to see in your control panel stats which of your generated QR codes are generating views of your Kixtag.

A Connect is either a click on one your Kixtag page connection links or a dynamic redirect. The total monthly Connects can be seen at any time within the control panel. When 80% of the limit for the month has been reached, we will email you notification. When the Connects limit has been reached then the connection links/redirects will be temporarily stopped until the following month or the account upgraded. If you think you may need more than 100,000 connects per month (which is an awful lot!) then please contact us.